We have liftoff!

We have liftoff!

Wait, liftoff? Wasn't Müllmail.com already "live" before?!

Absolutely right, however we have finally managed to reach a certain stage in the development of Muellmail that we don't want to keep from you any longer.

Very briefly to the "history": Müllmail.com was launched in September 2017 as MüllEmail.com, due to the fact that at that time comparable services such as 10 minute mail did not offer what we needed in everyday life.

Over the years, our small service developed into not only a new name for a "fake mail" but also resulted in a steadily growing volume of emails and users.

For a long time, it was possible to continue offering a functional service with our old infrastructure, originally developed in 2017, but it was impossible to overlook the now old design, as well as various missing features.

In short, the infrastructure was giving us a headache, as it simply wasn't designed to handle this volume of emails, and constant maintenance was on the daily schedule to keep it up and running.

This headache was multiplied by the fact that it was already foreseeable at that time that it would not only be bugfixes and enhancements of the old code, but a complete redevelopment was on the agenda.

Now the time has come and we are happy to finally present you the new version of Müllmail.com!

Beside some solved scaling problems we have put a big focus on your wishes, and as the first thing we have directly checked off the biggest, always recurring wish: Müllmail.com now supports attachments!

The following languages are now also supported:

  • Indonesian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Hindi

For the time being, the current "language files" have been machine translated, and will be gradually switched out for professional translations. You are a native speaker and would like to support us? Please contact us at translation@team.muellmail.com!

Unfortunately it is unavoidable that despite a long test phase, errors will occur during the launch of the new Müllmail.com - please report them to us at bugs@team.muellmail.com.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us during the development phase - you rule!

Have fun with the new functions - your Müllmail.com Team!